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  • Hosting / SaaS

    We host E-SIS for your institution, on our dedicated servers. Your best option if you do not have technical skills:

    • Unlimited students.
    • Email support.
    • Daily database backup included.
    • SSL secured connection.
    • Installation fee: 49€ offered.
    • 7-day money-back guarantee.

    49€ per month: Purchase one month of hosting with Paypal Pay now with Paypal

  • Email support
    Support covers installation problems, E-SIS use, configuration & consulting.
    29€ per month: Purchase one month of support with Paypal  Pay now with Paypal
  • Custom developments
    Transcripts & Report cards customization. Student cards generation. Get a quote
  • Online Training
    We recommend the Centre/SIS online training videos, available at Take Total Control Pro.

Accepted payment means:

  • Paypal
  • Bitcoin, the virtual currency:

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What is E-SIS

Digital E-SIS Student Information System

E-SIS is a new paradigm in student management software - it is all about the student.E-SIS (former Dig-SIS) focuses on capturing relevant data at source and helps administration to monitor progress and remediate deficiencies to retain students and increase their achievements.

If you have any questions or require assistance, you can write to us at support@eagles-tech.com or also reach out to us by visiting our website www.eagles-tech.com Contact +255759174411 in call or whatapp

Special Development

We perform customizations and special development to meet customer requirements. Whether it is an ideation or a fully documented requirement; our development methodology will help you accomplish your dream.

Solution for Schools

E-SIS is a full featured student information system school management system. It is a transactional software that captures all information of a student right from enrollment all the way thru graduation. Every single transaction in the form of attendance, grade book, report card, discipline, billing and transcript is recorded and maintained over multiple years. A student's past information is available at a click of a mouse.

Included functionalities in the community edition are:

  • Student and Staff Demographics - with ability to create unlimited custom categories and fields

  • Scheduling - single student, group of students, requests and automated scheduling

  • Report Cards - created as HTML for easy download and customization or reformatting using your favorite word processor

  • Transcripts - single and dual column out in HTML

  • Parent Portal - parents have access to data in real time and can see multiple student in a household in different schools

  • Student Portal - students see real time data posted by teacher, including grades, assignments, attendance

  • Eligibility Tracker - incentivize students by allowing them to participate in intramurals and clubs if they have passing grades.

  • Contact Information - capture unlimited contacts for students

  • Gradebook - online teacher gradebook that feeds into the student and parent portal

  • Health Records - capture student's immunization and allergies and any special medical conditions including nurse visits

  • Attendance - easy to use attendance features for teachers that admins can override. See ADA in one click

  • School Calendars - role based calendar that lets you enter schools days and holidays and events and can be targeted to a specific audience or a school

  • Google Maps Integration - automatic Google maps integration with every valid street address entered for a student

  • Special Education Functionality - track goals and progresses for students with special needs or attention.

Schools seeking expanded functionalities should purchase the DigSIS Professional or District edition that includes the following:

  • Data Upload Tool - upload student data from a spread sheet directly to the database

  • Teacher Lesson Plans - teachers can attach lesson plans to calendars to let parents view the topics that will be covered in class

  • Discipline - record disciplinary actions and have it part of student's permanent record

  • EasyCom - communication tools for teachers and admins

  • Library Services - ability to keep track of books, media and equipment. Can be used as a inventory management system also

  • Student Billing - tracks billing transactions for students and let's parents/guardians pay for that on-line using PayPal or Google Checkout

  • State Reporting - upload reporting data to the State's computer directly from your SIS

  • LDAP/Active Directory Integration - maintain students and user access in your central user management system


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